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Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q: what is the mission of
A: The success of an offer lies in its ability to present and highlight products that surprise, respond to local demand, have a global consistency and meet clients’ conditions of use. It's also important to decide appropriate prices according to the perceived value. The economic stakes related to good or bad choices are enormous and often the few people involed act too late and have little information to create a trust favorable to clients' engagement. wants to bring you the intelligence of customers to create together a successful offer because : Customers know.
2Q : Is a survey tool?
A: no, is an assistance and offer steering tool. To bring you your customers' intelligence uses some tools that can be related to a survey but our expertise is to extract all relevant elements expressed and not expressed within a professional framework of product offer management. For that, uses all the answers expressed but also the elements of context, which will be translated by a machine learning device whose learning is daily and constantly optimized by our teams. addresses to the different profiles that can be found in a retail company or brand: stylists, designers, buyers, marketing, traffic managers, merchandisers...
3Q: Who can create a survey?
A: Everybody. You don't need neither a training nor a digital expertise. Stylists, Buyers, merchandisers, are the profiles who currently use They create directly surveys and send them to clients or targeted prospects. You can also integrate your digital or CRM team to extract some data from your system but you can simply begin alone before going further.
4Q: How many products and which ones should I need to analyze?
A: All! Indeed, if the analysis is specific to each product a global view is necessary in order to compare each one to the others. This will prevent you from missing out on a change of trend, and will allow the rigth sizing and a more efficient learning. An offer is a matter of balance in which each product has a role. A global study allows to visualize and to formalize this set. allows you to get acquainted with these concepts for a minimum price when considering all the stakes of a successful collection.
5Q: Do we need good quality pictures?
A: The Academy allows you to have all the tips for a successful survey but we can have results at all stages of the product design: sketches, prototype, virtual models, or real photos. You can offer your customers an unlimited number of photos to judge the product.
6Q: Is a retail price mandatory? And does it influence the results deeply?
A: A retail price is neither mandatory nor influential. A price is used to transcribe the perception of the added value of a product related to the price offered. However, the study of product preference is carried out without any retailing price. A single study allows validating the product and the price impact independently of each other.
7Q: Are my data and ideas protected?
A: Your ideas are and remain your own properties and your data are totally secure. There are two ways to protect your data. The first one makes sure that you will be the only one who can create and consult a study. For this, we provide a hyper-secure management of your access with double authentication. The second one is with your customers. They will only be able to access a very small part of your creations and without any choice about the displayed products. An advanced control system makes possible that a person cannot access the same survey twice, so he will always see only one extract whose content is totally random. These protections are available for the FREE plan.
8Q: What is the reliability of
A: Our first customers have conducted studies comparing actual sales to predictions. They reached more than 75% of match when it is generally accepted that a good offer meets expectations by 50% of its perimeter.
9Q: Do you offer any help or support?
A: The tool is designed to have self-learning use without training. However, explanations and advice are always welcome. For this, we have created the Academy, which provides you with video tutorials for survey setting up, optimization and results analysis. We also have a support that answers to your personalized questions.